Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have been having a few downs amid my series of ups lately and they have been throwing me off my game. God has been amazing to me ever since we started getting serious about each other lol.

So, here I am again doing what I do best which is avoid doing my homework, which is for the first time in a long time past due. But I needed to take this time to write my thoughts in stone. This particular entry will serve as a reminder of why I am appreciative and don't regret going to college. I have my moments but across the board, I could not have become all that I am had I not had the experience we know as college.

Attending a reputable, 4 year institution is a whole different beast from anything else. Fortunately, I didn't do myself the disservice of attending those top dog schools I go accepted to. If my mother knew who all I turned down by not sending my info back, I think that she would kill me. But I don't think many people would understand my rationale.

I didn't want to attend a big name school because I wanted to have my own identity apart from the national acclaim the institution receives on its own. Everyone expects greatness of certain graduates. However, it is a true testament to your personal will, drive, ambition and overall skill when coupled with destiny to excel beyond those TOP Dog grads and put your school on the map.

I chose to attend Georgia Southern University for soooooo many reasons, but most importantly it was a personal financial decision and a strategic one as well. I wanted to go to a smaller school and make a BIG name for myself. All my high school friends are at UGA, and I didn't get in until the Spring. I see that one misclick of the mouse as God's divine intervention. I didn't need to be a number among many attempting to stand out, I was to become a flicker of light in a river that would incite a gold rush.. Georgia Southern is on its way to becoming a force to be reckoned with and I am blessed to be apart of that reason. (I will blog about the misguided ambitions of GSU at another time.... let's remain positive here Eagles, lol)

I have met so many small town stars and I am grateful to be apart of their journey to whatever level of success is beyond the top, because honestly that's where we all are headed. All my lifetimes, as I like to call them, have a focused vision and we all have become each others paint; adding pops of color to each others big picture. We all don't want the same thing but we all needed each others goal oriented piece to complete the puzzle that is purpose.

I hate academics with a passion, but I love learning, knowledge and the experiences that come with college. As much as I would like to think that I want things to have been different, I had to take a untrodden, unconventional, relentless, teeth pulling, arm gnawing, trail of tears to end up exactly where I needed to be.

There really is no such thing as a fork in the road because no matter which road you choose it all ends up at the same place, but your decisions dictate how long it will take you to get there. Going to college was the detour I needed to pick up a few antiques, trinkets and unique decor from mom and pop stores on Route 66. This road heading to the middle of no-where turned out to be a scenic route that has made me stronger, appreciative, attentive and determined to be all that I was created to be.

College has taught me, when life or a professor throws you lemons you can throw them back or grab some drink mix and tequila from the line (we're in a dry county so we have to drive to the next county to purchase liquor) and make margaritas!!

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